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Our main sponsor for the event is “Some Like It Hot”, the UK’s newest and biggest Hot Sauce Emporium. Their online shop is the definitive place to visit for a truly epic range of hot sauces. Their team have a real passion for spice, and have tasted thousands of hot sauces from all over the world. They actually have over 1,000 different sauces in stock, ranging from “Mild to Wild”. That is an impressive amount of top quality hot sauce!

They will be offering gift sets of hot sauce for the Top 3 winners, and will be giving out free samples on the day, along with running a raffle where you can win more of their spicy products. Everyone gets a free raffle ticket when they arrive at the event.

Check out their website via the link below, and you may also wish to join their Facebook group for hot sauce news, special offers and other chilli events.


The League of Unchartered Flavours

This is a relatively new Hot Sauce company founded and owned by Denis Jose-Francois, who was a contestant in the Chilli Sauce competition for many years, with his sauces placed in the top rankings every time.

The inspiration for the sauces, and some of the recipes, come from his late father who was a talented chef at the Dorchester in the 70s and 80s. You can expect big, bold flavours with Carribbean heat. You will feel the burn, but the flavour that comes through is exceptional. Amongst the ingredients are “Love, Wisdom, Comedy and Passion”. Beginner sauces also available.

He will be donating a gift box of sauces as a prize for the “Best Chilli Sauce Name” at this year’s event. Check out his website below and feel free to place some orders.
The League of Unchartered Flavours