Like it spicy? Then come and taste at the Chilli Sauce Championships

Welcome to the 10th Anniversary of the Chilli Sauce Championships! This year will have a special twist as we invite back all the winners from previous years to go head-to-head in a spicy rematch. Along with any new entrants who would like to join the contest. As always, the Chilli Sauces will be tasted and judged  by the public.

Attendees will be given a voting card and will have the option to taste more than 40 sauces with influences from around the world, including the flavours of Jamaica, Africa, India and Thailand

If you don’t like it hot hot hot, there’s no need to be scared. There are always a range of sauces that even a beginner can handle, and all entries will be clearly labelled in four categories: mild, medium, hot and nuclear. 

There will be prizes and trophies for the top five winners

event timings and venue address can be found here