The League of Unchartered Flavours

This is a relatively new Hot Sauce company founded and owned by Denis Jose-Francois, who was a contestant in the Chilli Sauce competition for many years, with his sauces placed in the top rankings every time.

The inspiration for the sauces, and some of the recipes, come from his late father who was a talented chef at the Dorchester in the 70s and 80s. You can expect big, bold flavours with Carribbean heat. You will feel the burn, but the flavour that comes through is exceptional. Amongst the ingredients are “Love, Wisdom, Comedy and Passion”. Beginner sauces also available.

He will be donating a gift box of sauces as a prize for one of the winners for this year’s event. Check out his website below and feel free to place some orders.
The League of Unchartered Flavours

Samrat Tandoori

Established in 1980, this restaurant is one of the top ranking restaurants of the Tooting Curry Club, and serves up delicious North Indian cuisine with giant fluffy nans.

It’s a traditional place with soothing Indian music piped out in the background, paintings on the wall and and intimate booths split up by etched glass panels. They never disappoint for flavour, and the staff are always friendly.
They are offering a meal voucher for £30 for one of the winners

Check out their awesome reviews on google.

Gipsy Hill Brewery

This is one of London’s finest breweries, and they offer a vast range of excellent beers at their brewery’s taproom. Well worth a visit for a lazy afternoon or evening of casual drinking. You will be impressed by their fierce creativity and the amount of flavour they pack into their beers. They often team up with other breweries for experimental cutting-edge brews, such as their chocolate & peanut butter stout which is brewed without chocolate or peanuts!
Their branding is bright, cheerful and entertaining, with a different staff member printed on each can.

They are offering a gift pack of 8 beers for one of the winners.
Gipsy Hill Brewery


Kolam is the second top ranked restaurant of my curry club (rated 2nd out of 35) and is an intimate place run by the friendly Raj and his wife. They serve utterly delicious South Indian cuisine with great depth of flavour at very reasonable prices. Highly recommended. The reviews on Trip Advisor speak for themselves.

They are offering a meal voucher for two for one of the winners.


Hot As 'Ell

Elliot Purcell is one of the contestants from this year’s Masterchef. If you watched the show, you will remember Elliot for his bold style and big flavours, combining Caribbean and British cuisines, with a hint of Asia fusion. He has recently started producing a delicious Hot Sauce range called “Hot as ‘Ell”, which are packed with flavour and heat. Perfect for dipping, cooking and giving you a lovely cheeky burn.

He is offering a gift pack of sauces and pickles for one of the winners, and will have a stall at the event on Sunday for you to taste his sauces

Hot As ‘Ell