Like it spicy? Then come and taste at the Chilli Sauce Championships

Welcome to the Chilli Sauce Championships. Now in it’s seventh year, this event takes place in South London. Contestants submit their own homemade Chilli Sauces to be sampled and judged by the public. Previous entries have had influences from around the world, so expect to see flavours of India, Thailand, Jamaica and Africa for this year’s event.

There will also be a second judging category for “Chilli Condiments”. This category will cover jams, pickles, chutneys and preserves.

If you don’t like it hot hot hot, no need to be scared – it’s not all about the heat. There will be a variety of sauces to sample ranging from mild to nuclear.

Last time we had over FIFTY entries between the two categories. If you would like to enter a chilli sauce, or chilli pickle/chutney, please visit our Entry Form page. There will be prizes and trophies for the top three winners in each category.